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11) “Cannabis use will lower your IQ” -- MYTH!

  • This myth was the result of one widely criticized study that found a causal link between marijuana-use by developing brains (i.e. children 18 or younger) and a loss of roughly six IQ points once developed later in life.

  • If true, this would be undeniably serious, however the study was debunked in the same scientific journal four months later, due to concerns about omitted “third” variables, and a computer simulated re-analysis concluded that the study was indeed faulty.

12) “Cannabis will exacerbate the opioid epidemic” -- MYTH!

  • The available evidence clearly shows that states with medical marijuana have fewer opioid-caused deaths and hospitalizations.

  • In reality, medical marijuana can be an effective tool to treat chronic pain and combat the growing opioid epidemic! However, that does not make medical marijuana a silver bullet or panacea, and it can only be one part of a much broader and more comprehensive list of solutions to impact the opioid epidemic.

13) “Cannabis will increase usage by minors” -- MYTH!

  • This myth is based on the false assumption that the legalization of medical marijuana will lead to minors suddenly having far greater access than before. In reality, there is no relationship between the legalization of medical marijuana and the usage rates of minors.

14) “Opponents of cannabis are just being cautious” -- MYTH!

  • In reality, behind the anti-medical marijuana movement is a coordinated campaign funded largely by conservatives like Sheldon Adelson, and companies like Insys Therapeutics (who sells Fentanyl, a drug up to 50x stronger than heroine).

  • Pharmaceutical companies could lose a fortune due to medical marijuana, so they are spending millions to lobby against it and spread misleading (or outright false) information.

15) “Cannabis needs more time and research” -- MYTH!

  • We are committed to transparency and intellectual honesty, and thus fully support further independent research into both the costs and benefits of medicinal marijuana.

  • Nevertheless, this talking point is habitually used by advocates of the status quo, and while more research is always welcome, there is already an enormous amount of evidence available to prove without any doubt that medical marijuana is safer than alcohol, tobacco, and most other drugs.

  • Similarly to climate change, though we should always support further good-faith research, we must not allow our perpetual lack of 100% understanding get in the way of making progress and providing qualified patients in New Jersey with the medicine they need to live a healthier and happier life.

16) “Everyone who smokes weed becomes a pot head” -- MYTH!

17) “Marijuana use causes crime and/or delinquency” -- MYTH!

18) “Legalization will cause marijuana use to skyrocket in NJ” -- MYTH!

19) “Legalization will mean rampant advertising to all, including kids” -- MYTH!"

  • Actually, the legislation prohibits advertising targeted to children and specifically restricts when and where advertisements are permissible.

  • That said, if we allow kids to freely consume advertisements for alcohol, than it's clearly hypocritical to arbitrarily object to ads for a much safer substance.

20) “Legalization will increase homelessness” -- MYTH!

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