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For All Cannabis Products

  • Voltaire will exchange unopened cannabis products for up to three (3) days after purchase.

  • Voltaire will exchange opened cannabis products that are damaged / defective for up to 24 hours after purchase.

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For Accessories / Merchandise

  • Voltaire will exchange unopened / unused accessories or merchandise for up to three (3) days after purchase.

  • Voltaire will exchange damaged / defective accessories or merchandise for up to seven (7) days after purchase.

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"We strive to satisfy every customer, but if there’s a problem with your purchase, please bring it back and we will try to make it right!"


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Terms & Conditions

  • Sales of non-damaged / defective cannabis products are final once opened.

  • Unopened products must be in a suitable condition for resale to be eligible for an exchange.

  • All exchanges shall be at the discretion of Voltaire management. Refunds are not permitted.

  • Please remember to bring your original receipt. 

  • If you have any questions about these policies or need further assistance, please message us or ask to speak with a Voltaire manager.

Buy with confidence knowing that Voltaire is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service. In accordance with New Jersey law, all of our cannabis products are:

  1. Rigorously tested by a CRC-licensed third-party to ensure safety and quality.

  2. Meticulously labeled and packaged.

  3. Carefully inspected both before and after arrival.

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- Voltaire

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